Tote Bag Purses

For all the ladies out there, we all know that one of the many burdens that we carry is that we are always lugging around a ton of stuff!  Some people might think our purses are like no man’s land or that they are black holes.  I like to think of it in terms of the Girl Scout’s motto…always being prepared.  One of the bonuses of being a mini hoarder is that we get to have the added fun of shopping for stylish bags, and let’s face it, no woman can refuse another accessory or another excuse to hit up the malls.  It’s a bag galore world out there just drawing in women across the globe with tote bags, clutches, shoulder purses, and so on.  If you are on a budget and trying to find one that is versatile enough to meet all of your daily and nightly needs, here are some types that match the variety of purse lovers.

Let’s start with the biggest and baddest of bags in the purse world…the tote bag purse.  The whole purpose of a bag is to stylishly disguise all of the crap you lug around with you on a daily basis, and tote bag purses are the perfect solution for those women that fit their entire world in their bags.  Whether you are carrying around books, makeup, clothes, food, you name it, tote bag purses are your friend.  The great thing about a tote bag is that it is so versatile.  For instance, if you are a student who enjoys traveling, going to the beach, and shopping, the tote bag is your perfect fit, and the best part is that you can use the same bag for all of those same activities!  It is the perfect book bag substitute for class.  You can save money when traveling by fitting enough items in your tote bag to disguise it as an additional carry on.  It is a perfectly functioning beach bag when you are in need of some R&R in the sun.  Lastly, it can be the perfect accessory when shopping since it is big enough to fit everything you buy all in your one bag.  Talk about saving the planet and a hassle-free shopping spree all in one!

For those few light travelers out there, the clutch is the way to go.  When you are only bring the essentials with you (and by essentials ladies, I mean money, keys, phone, and perhaps a lip gloss), then there’s no reason to cart a huge tote bag around.  Instead, opt for the perfectly petit clutch.  When you are out shopping and like to have the security of a strap, wear the bag around your arm.  Think of it like another bracelet, but an extremely handy one to have on.  When you are going out on the town or to a fancy event, you always want to have your outfit shine, and sometimes an oversize bag or one draped across you chest detracts from your stylish ensemble.  The clutch is the perfect accessory for special events.  It is small enough to be kept at your side without being distracting and with the right one, it can really add pizzazz to your attire.

Now for those who are prone to losing things, such as me, and for the avid travelers, leave the clutch at home because the shoulder bag is your best bet.  You can forget about fanny packs because that is a major fashion faux pas not to mention screams out tourist!!!  Coming from someone who just lived in Rome, Italy for four months, staying fashionable when you travel is a priority.  Talk about a wakeup call when I walked off the plane wearing sweats and a backpack while my Italian companion was dressed to the nines in her designer threads.  After a quick life lesson, I finally caught up to the trend and realized that if I want to fit in and keep my belongings safe, I needed a purse upgrade.   I purchased a black studded shoulder bag that went perfectly with every outfit.  Finally I was doing as the Romans do, and I always had it by my side so I never worried about pick-pocketters.  It is extremely practical in the states especially if you hit up the bar scene.  I am sure there have been times when we have all had one too many drinks, but have no fear because you will never wake up and deal with the loss of your belongings because your bag will always be around you! Talk about a relief!

With these small fashion purse tips, you can really kick your wardrobe up a notch.  Whether you’re a pack all woman, the more simplistic type, or the practical traveler, there is a purse out there for you!  Enjoy shopping ladies because it’s time to disguise your belongings in style!

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