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When it comes to bargain hunting, the most important thing to focus on is not compromising the quality of a product. We often associate a good deal with a downgrade. Sure, you’re purse was a few hundred dollars cheaper, but the strap fell off a month after you bought it and the zipper broke a few weeks later. We all want a good deal, but we don’t want to chintz-out either. You don’t always have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a decently priced item.

Shoppers looking to get tote bags cheap typically picture eco-friendly yard-sale totes that look like they’re made out of straw. It’s not necessary to buy something that won’t even last the weekend. There are plenty of ways to find tote bags cheap if you know where to look.

For starters, searching online is a fantastic option. Even if you’re looking for tote bags from a specific vendor or clothing company and want to buy specifically from the store, there might deals or coupons on the website. Check the website for printable coupons. If they don’t have those, you still might get a discount just for purchasing online. If there aren’t any web discounts, skip the online shopping or you’ll just end up spending more in shipping and handling.

If you know exactly what product you want, but don’t care if it’s purchased directly from that specific company, then go with a site like E-bay, Craig’s List, or Amazon. Even though you’re buying directly from a seller, many of them have fantastic reviews, and will send products that were never opened. You can get tote bags cheap, brand new, and in mint condition. Most of the time, products on these sites ended up being an unwanted gift, or a purchase that the seller regretted and can’t return.

Another great way to find cheap tote bags is well-established flea markets. This doesn’t mean you should drive around looking for any old, run-down, side-of-the-road hand me down shop. Search for the largest and most well-known flea markets in your area. If you live by a large city, you can probably find vendors with knock-offs who are secretly selling the real deal. Tote bags on Canal Street in New York are known for being good quality at an affordable price.

If you’re not the picky type, or you’re looking for something more vintage, check out some thrift shops in your area. Besides just the obvious Salvation Army and Good Will stores, there’s also plenty of Mom & Pop hand me down stores in various locations. With enough digging, you might just find tote bags cheap and one of a kind!

Outlet stores are good places to get the real deal for less as well. Instead of heading right to the Coach store at your local mall, wait it out and make a trip to a Coach outlet. Tote bags, hand bags, wristlets, and all different types of luggage are marked way down in the outlet stores, and you can usually find things that are still in season. Avoiding the mall at all costs is usually a safe decision. Department stores tend to mark up products because they have to buy them from the actual vendor. If you think you can find the same thing that’s in Macy’s online or in an outlet, hold out and do some research. Trust me, it’s worth it!

If you’re really looking to pinch pennies but need a functional tote bag just for a specific event, try asking around! One of your relatives or friends might have exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, perhaps you and your friends could hold a mock auction together, or just play closet-swap. Get together anything you haven’t worn/used in over a year (odds are you’re not going to need it if it sat around this long!) and have some friends do the same. Organize a day at one of your homes where you can exchange your unwanted items. That way, no one spends any money, but everyone gets to leave with a whole bunch of new items!

There’s plenty of ways to find tote bags cheap, you just have to be creative and avoid impulse buying (buying something because you see it in passing or you just feel like going shopping). Talk to those around you to find out where they find the cheapest deals, the craftiest flea markets, and the coolest vintage shops. With a little digging, you might even end up spending much less than you anticipated, and still getting a much better product as well!

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