Tote Bags for Sale

Where to begin?

When looking for quality tote bags for sale, you probably don’t even know where to start. There’s such an array of options to think about, that you need to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for in a tote bag. Before you just run out to the mall and walk in the first department store you happen to park at, you should really take the time to plan. If you want to invest in a tote bag that’s going to serve the purpose for which you need it, and also last a good period of time, then don’t just buy the first one you see.

Here are the most important things to pay attention to if you’re on the hunt for tote bags for sale:

Purpose- The number one deciding factor for which tote bag to buy should be what will it’s purpose be. Are you planning on using your tote bag during outdoor activities? If so, you need to find one that is extra durable to withstand certain weather conditions. Perhaps a plastic-lined waterproof tote bag would be more practical than a canvas tote bag. Also, for outdoor activities, you will probably want a tote bag that can hold specific things such as water bottles, ropes, etc. A bag with lots of specific compartments would suit his purpose best. If you’re looking for a tote bag for purely fashion purposes, you still need to decide where you’ll be using it. If you want a more formal looking tote that you can bring on a dinner date, you might want something sleeker and more basic than something you would bring to a picnic outing. Also, size matters when deciding the purpose of your tote bag. Think about what exactly you plan to put inside of it before you buy one that’s too tiny to carry everything!

Appearance- Everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes to style. Maybe you prefer colors that resemble a warm spring day with flowers budding in a meadow (think: orange, yellow, pink). Or maybe you prefer a more classic and chic look, sticking with dark blue, red, and white. Or are you going for a business appearance, with say, black, brown, and gray? Depending on what you’re tote bag will be used for, what it will be worn with, and your personal preference in style, there’s going to be a ton of options of tote bags for sale on the market. Do you like patterns or prefer solids? Textured materials or smooth ones? I bet you didn’t even realize all of the tote bag options they had out there until you started browsing and realized it’s a bigger project than you thought! That’s why deciding exactly what you’re looking for before you start the search is going to save you a lot of aggravation. Even if you’re not 100% sure of the exact style you’re looking for, at least try narrowing it down by eliminating the definite no’s. For example, even if you have no idea what kind of tote to get, if you hate polka dots, search for any tote bags for sale that don’t have polka dots. You’d be surprised how many search results you’re eliminating right off the bat!

Price- If how much your tote bag costs is not a concern to you, well, lucky you. But for most of us, breaking the bank on a purse or bag isn’t very ideal, especially in today’s economy. While you want a good bargain, you’re also concerned with getting a cheap product that isn’t going to last. So how do you get the most bang for your buck on tote bags for sale? There are a few things you can do. For starters, ask around. Surely someone you know has purchased a tote bag at one point in their lives, or at least known someone who has. They probably can tell you where they got it, how long it lasted, and if they’d recommend you doing the same. After networking a bit, do some research. Customer reviews online have been known to be highly credible and reliable. If you had a few tote bag brands/stores in mind, check out what other consumers thought of the product. Don’t just assume that five negative comments is a coincidence, but at the same time, take the info you read with a grain of salt. If there are only a small handful of reviews even listed, you shouldn’t rule the product out entirely. One other way to find quality tote bags for sale at a cheap price is to avoid purchasing the first one you find. Even if you’ve completely fallen in love with a bag, there’s probably a cheaper version (sometimes of the exact same bag) online somewhere or at an outlet/wholesale store. Impulse purchases are more regretted than any other kind of purchases. There’s an uncountable amount of tote bags for sale out there, so don’t short yourself on finding the right one!

Leather Tote Bags

Anyone who has ever been married, or been close to someone who has gotten married, knows how insanely stressful wedding planning can be. A beautiful time to make extravagant memories shouldn’t be ruined by all of the decisions that have to be made. That’s why the bride should spend a great deal of time looking into everything she will have to choose before making any rash decisions. Between the bridal dress, the bridesmaid’s attire, the flowers, the dinner arrangements, the music, and tons of other things, the bride’s head will be ready to explode by the time her big day comes! Since your wedding day should be about YOU, worrying about your guests and bridesmaids should be the last thing on your mind when the time comes. This is why you should choose bridesmaid’s gifts that you know will be perfect for the people who helped you out the most. After all, you couldn’t have gotten through all this without them! Here are a few gift ideas that will really show your appreciation for their hard work:

  1. Leather tote bags- Lot’s of brides choose to give some type of bag or purse to their bridesmaids, and leather is usually of the utmost quality. You could always opt for a canvas or cloth bag, but leather usually holds up the best and lasts the longest. Besides just large leather tote bags, you could get them wristlets or smaller purses, like ones that go over the shoulder. Think about the members of your bridal party and what would suit each of them best. Perhaps one of them enjoys outdoor activities, so you could get her a backpack version of the same thing; or one of them enjoys a good night out on the town, you would get her a clutch or smaller, stylish handbag. Practical gifts are the best because you know they’re not going to waste.
  2. Beach sets- Anything beachy is perfect for a summer wedding, because it fits right in with your theme. If you and your girls frequent the beach quite often, you know that there’s always someone scrounging for a towel or a water bottle at the last minute. The best beach kit would include a tote bag, towel, Chap Stick, water bottle, and maybe even a book. The book might not be easy because you would have to pick one out for each individual person, but you could also try getting them a book on relaxation tips or inspiring quotes. Beach material should be light and fun to read.
  3. Rain gear- This is another idea that you would have to really tailor to each individual person, because some might not like certain colors and patterns. If you’re going to get a full rain kit, get a pair of rain boots and an umbrella, or a rain coat and an umbrella. It’s cute because not many people to things like this. The best way to remain safe and make sure everyone likes it is to go with something very neutral, like black or tan, unless you know that each bridesmaid has a specific color they prefer. You could even ask what color they would choose to wear if they were given an option, and try to play off of that. However, it’s hard to tell if they are all going to like it enough to actually sport it around town. This is why you might want to stay away from something the girls will be wearing.
  4. Emergency Kit- No, not the type of first aid kit with bandages and peroxide! We mean the type of women’s emergency kit: things you always need and never think to buy. You can be extremely creative with this, but here are a few ideas: stain remover, anti-wrinkle spray, hairspray, broken nail glue, extra stockings, a comb/brush, zit-zapping cream, small pocket mirror, and a pocket-size mouth wash. Most women don’t even think to buy half of these things until they’re in a situation where it would really come in handy. Your friends could keep this in their homes or the glove box of their cars. Either way, I be they’ll be thanking you when the spill wine on their dresses!

The key to a great bridesmaid gift is not only something useful, but personal. If you get leather tote bags or beach tote bags, you could get them monogrammed with each girl’s initials. Even just changing up the colors or styles shows that you knew what that specific person would like. Your gifts don’t have to be outrageously expensive, just be creative, and think about what you would want after putting up with all of your pre-wedding drama (sorry girls, but it’s true!).

Custom Tote Bag

I just got back from a weekend getaway with three of my friends to mark the official end of the summer season. We planned this trip in hopes to have a lot of fun before the fall weather comes in and we were not going to skimp on any of the details because we wanted to enjoy the season as much as we can before we’re forced to wear jackets and scarves. We packed a cooler full of our favorite foods and drinks, brought a suitcase full of a few too many dresses and high heeled shoes, and piled in the car to head to the coast. On our way, as we were catching up on all of the goings on in our lives and chatting about the latest Hollywood gossip, my one friend revealed that she had a surprise for all of us. Of course, we were all so excited, and waited anxiously as she rummaged beneath her seat to pull out our surprise. A moment later, she popped back up with a big handful of canvas and proceeded to hand each of us our own custom tote bag!

The white canvas bags had colored straps and an embroidery of our name with a little symbol beneath it on the front side. Though they matched in overall style, each one had its own flair with the color scheme, font and symbol. Inside, she had placed a few pieces of our favorite candy, a new book that we had all been wanting to read, and a picture frame with a placeholder for a picture that we would take that weekend that said “Summer 2011” on it. My bag had aqua blue straps with my name in the same color in a scrolling script with a palm tree beneath it, and inside, it was filled with bite-sized Snickers pieces, our new book club book, and a matching blue picture frame. My other friends got their custom tote bag with accents of pink, green and orange and had bright details of flip flops, beach balls and starfish. What a wonderful surprise and the perfect beach tote for our weekend getaway!

We were raving over our new gifts and my friend revealed that she had been wanting to get us all something for the trip, but did not quite know what she was looking for. After talking to her sister to trying to brainstorm some ideas, she had shown my friend a custom tote bag that she had received as a party favor once and thought it was a great and useful gift. Turns out that although the party took place five years ago, she was still using the custom tote bag as much as she had when she first received it, and it was in really great shape despite its age and the number of places it has been carted around to. With her mind now made up about the gift she would get us, my friend started shopping for the bags, and found that there are a lot of retailers that sell custom tote bags online and in stores. Most of her comparison shopping was done online though, and she found a retailer website that allowed her to see a preview of the custom tote bags before she placed the order, so she was able to feel confident about her order and the finished product that we would get.

After placing her order online, she had to wait at least a week to a week and a half to have the order shipped because the customization process of her order was going to take some time. Also, because each of her custom tote bags was different than the other and she was not placing a bulk order with all of the same designs or embroidery, the order would have to be specially placed with the company. My friend said that she decided it was worth the wait to get the results that she wanted, and kept her fingers crossed that they would be shipped to her house in time for our trip. In just a week, she had received a confirmation email that her order had been shipped, and she should expect to see the package on her doorstep in just a few days, well ahead of our weekend getaway.

Just a few days later, the box was delivered to her house and she took them out to examine the details and make sure everything was correct. I thought that the idea of a custom tote bag was great and it was the perfect addition to our already fun and stylish weekend. We all had a great time at the beach for the last time this summer and got many compliments on our custom tote bag while on the beach!

Wholesale Tote Bags

To shop at outlets or not to shop at outlets??


Why are outlets better than ordinary malls, full-price stores, or department stores? Well there are several reasons, but to really get the best out of an experience with an outlet center, you should know the ins and outs of the business first. Knowing what to look for and what to avoid can make all the difference in your shopping experience.

Does location matter? Most of the outlet centers that are actually worth your time are going to be located in fairly rural locations. This isn’t because they’re not good enough to be located in big cities or they didn’t want to invest the money in building around more urban locations. It’s actually due to the fact that getting the public to venture far out of their way creates a more beneficial situation for the stores. Shoppers plan their whole day around visiting outlet centers (since it isn’t right down the road) and end up spending significantly more in a single trip. Placing outlets in rural areas also creates revenue for the area and opens up new jobs.

Can you trust factory outlets? Know what you’re purchasing when shopping in factory outlets by investigating the tags. If the model number is the same as the original product, you’re getting a quality product. If there is an F printed on the tag, this means that the item was made specifically for a factory outlet. Lots of times, these items will have been made cheaper or be made of lower quality material. If what you’re getting is truly the product that’s in the actual store, you shouldn’t have a problem with it, and you are probably getting an awesome deal. The store isn’t actually losing money by selling you the same product for less, because the markup on their department store version makes them enough money, and they know you’ll probably buy more at the outlet anyway.

Are you really even getting a deal? When you’re shopping, ever notice that you feel much better about a purchase if it was marked 60% off? You just got that tote bag for so cheap! However, this is usually just a trick to make you think you’re getting an awesome bargain. If you’re looking for a real deal, invest in whole sale tote bags instead of something “marked down” from the original price. Typically, the reference price was never used at all.

Where else can you get a deal like that? If they aren’t even selling wholesale items at the outlets, you have some other options to try. Quality flea markets offer good deals and not all of their items are knock-offs of the real thing. Do some research before just stopping in at a local stand located on the side of the road. There’s plenty of credible flea markets if you know where/how to search. Also try getting wholesale items online. Auction sites are a good place to start because factory items might be sold for much less than the retail value.

Can outlet stores deceive you? Absolutely. There is no legal definition for what an outlet center/store actually entails. This means that they could technically call themselves an “outlet” while selling everything at the exact same price as the original store, or even more. Some owners of outlet centers can control this by putting specific discount requirements in the lease. Even though it’s possible for an “outlet” to get away with this, it’s often not even worth it because they will quickly lose credibility and cause consumers to distrust authentic outlets.

Overall, is it worth it? This depends. If you have a specific store or stores that you’re looking to spend a substantial amount of money at, you’re definitely better off finding the outlet version(s). If you’re going on an all-out shopping trip, you’re going to save a lot by going to an outlet center instead of a typical shopping mall. However, if you’re just browsing or looking for a specific item, it might cost you to make a trip to the outlets. You will probably end up being bombarded by all of the “deals” and end up spending a heck of a lot more than you originally intended. Another thing you must always take into consideration is that the supply of items in outlet centers is usually more limited. At a normal store, you can usually order something if they do not have the correct size or model. An outlet store is more “take what you can get” style. Some of them won’t carry the most new/in season items. However, a lot of them carry exactly the same products as their upscale counterpart, so you should call and confirm what they have in stock.

Tote Bag Pattern

When you’re getting ready for an event that you do not normally attend, you obviously want to look your best. There are several occasions where dressing to impress is a must, and while you want your clothing and accessories to make an impression, you don’t want it to be the wrong one! A person’s style can say a lot about them. When you walk into a room full of people you know will be judging you, wouldn’t you like to be wearing something that makes them think positive thought about you? Of course, you don’t want people to judge you because of your appearance, but it’s a known and scientifically proven fact that first impressions are highly important. The first judgment that is made about an individual involves his or her appearance. Shouldn’t you make yours count?

A simple way that many women can have a specific impression is with their accessories. From your earings to your tote bag pattern, each piece is making some kind of statement. Is it the statement you want it to make however? For instance, when it comes to politics, there are specific teams who are hired for this sole purpose. They choose what color ties are to be worn and exactly how much your shoes should be scuffed. Even the finest details, including a solid versus a striped tote bag pattern, are analyzed to the fullest.

It makes one wonder, does it really matter all that much? Well, yes and no. Hopefully the color of socks or the size of your necklace isn’t going to prevent you from getting a promotion or being praised for your work. We should all be recognized for our achievements and accomplishments regardless of appearance. However, who is to say that subconsciously, had you been wearing a red tie, the clients might have viewed you as more powerful right from the beginning of the meeting? It’s a tricky matter when deciding what to wear.

Put very bluntly, keep it simple. The more off-course you go with patterns, colors, accessories, etc., the more you are taking a risk. However, is this what you’re going for? If the impression you seek to give off is that you’re not afraid to take a chance, then go for one bold statement. If you’re wearing all black, throw on a brightly colored scarf or necklace. Don’t go too far though, or you’ll risk looking tacky. If you’re trying to throw in an animal-print tote bag pattern, it might be hard for people to take you seriously. Be cautious with risk taking.

If you would like your brains and personality, not your clothes and accessories, to do the talking, stay with solid patterns and don’t show too much skin. In the winter, it’s usually pretty safe to go with black, dark blue, and brown. The summer time gives you a few more options, because you can mix in lighter shades such as taupe, beige, cream, etc. Match your accessories to your outfit, and don’t go overboard. Small earings and a matching necklace are fine, but once you start layering on bracelets and bangles, you’ve gone too far. Also, keep your hair classic and neat. Don’t use funky hair accessories, including flowers, feathers, or jewels. If you have to use bobby pins or hair ties, try to match them to your hair color. And most importantly, never use glitter. Unless you’re going to a Hannah Montana concert, stick to natural looking makeup.

You might not believe it, but something as small as your purse can make a huge statement. A specific tote bag pattern or color can completely make or break an outfit. Sticking to solid black usually means you are more serious and down to business. Mixing it up with a bright color could suggest that you have a lighter, fun side. Stripes and polka dots are usually fine as well. Also, when choosing a tote bag, try to find one as small as possible for what you need it for. Unless you will be carrying around a laptop or papers and books, you probably don’t need a two foot wide bag draped over your shoulder. Stick to the bare essentials to avoid overdoing it.

You could easily spend all day researching what colors, patterns, and materials are going to have what effects on those around you. However, when it comes down to it, feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin as well as what you’re wearing is going to make the most positive impression overall.

Lunch Tote Bag

Many corporate offices are large with many wings, departments and even floors, and offer employees a wide range of amenities. Some have gyms, locker rooms, mail centers, and almost all have dedicated lunch rooms or break rooms. In the office where I work, we have a few of these lunch rooms spread out around the building, and each is equipped with a lot of major appliances like sinks, toaster ovens, coffee machines, and refrigerators and freezers. While I think it is great that they have all of this provided for employees, the fridge and freezer could use some more space. With everyone piling their lunches and snacks inside of the doors on a daily basis, it has become harder and harder to find space in there for my meals. I decided that instead of trying to squeeze my food in there with the risk of it getting squashed,  having it eaten by someone else or tossed in the garbage during the “cleaning” time, I would have to find my own solution. So, I went out and bought myself an insulated lunch tote bag, and my food storage problem has been solved!

When I ventured out on a shopping trip for my lunch tote bag, I was pleasantly surprised with the vast amount of items and selection available. Gone are the days when you get one size, shape, and color to choose from. Now, there are a number of selections, and you can choose between a plethora of materials, sizes, patterns, colors, brands, and styles. To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed with the selection, but I was delighted to see that the lunch tote bag designs had come so far. From what I could remember from my elementary school days, lunch boxes only came in a few select colors and styles. Not anymore!

The most common lunchbox styles in the store were available in a wide range of colors and patterns. There are your ever-present “retro” tin lunchboxes, the insulated and segmented bag with a separate compartment for beverage storage, and the ever-so-stylish patterned and zip top bags that resemble an accessory or purse. Since I did not want to feel like a kindergarten student on their first day of school, I opted out of the retro tin lunchbox. I considered the insulated and segmented bag with the compartment to keep my drink staying cool, but decided against it because there were a limited selection of styles available, and the long shoulder strap that accompanied it was just not what I was looking for. In the end, I decided to go with the lunch tote bag with the zip top because it had nearly all of the features I was looking for.

On the outside, the lunch tote bag looks like it can be an accessory or another one of my (many) purses, which is always a plus for any style-savvy girl. The patterns and colors available in the store were not just plain, run-of-the-mill primary colors, but instead were sophisticated paisely designs, bold stripes, sleek solids, and even a herringbone pattern. With a zip top and a sturdy handle, you can barely tell them apart from their slightly less food-functional cousin, the purse.

After debating for a few minutes over the different selections of styles and colors, I chose to go with the black and white paisely pattern with a zipper top to ensure that the inside is kept nice and cool. Its inside is layered with insulation to keep the contents cool and safe and lined again with a smooth, clear plastic to make cleaning very easy. I picked up a small ice pack to store inside to ensure my food, drink and snacks stay cool throughout the day without me having to worry about refrigerating any of the items throughout my long work day.

On Monday morning, I walked into the office with my new purchase and it caught the attention of almost everyone in my department for its fun and stylish design. Almost everyone was surprised to find out that it was, in fact, a lunch tote bag, and they all immediately asked me where I had purchased it. After telling some of my colleagues about the different colors, patterns and styles available, I noticed throughout the next week that there were several new lunch totes in the office! It seems that everyone has been thinking about venturing outside of the refrigerator these days and want to keep their snacks and lunch close by. The new line of lunch tote bags available on the market today are the perfect (and stylish!) solution to that crowded corporate community refrigerator problem we all seem to encounter.

Tote Bags Cheap

When it comes to bargain hunting, the most important thing to focus on is not compromising the quality of a product. We often associate a good deal with a downgrade. Sure, you’re purse was a few hundred dollars cheaper, but the strap fell off a month after you bought it and the zipper broke a few weeks later. We all want a good deal, but we don’t want to chintz-out either. You don’t always have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a decently priced item.

Shoppers looking to get tote bags cheap typically picture eco-friendly yard-sale totes that look like they’re made out of straw. It’s not necessary to buy something that won’t even last the weekend. There are plenty of ways to find tote bags cheap if you know where to look.

For starters, searching online is a fantastic option. Even if you’re looking for tote bags from a specific vendor or clothing company and want to buy specifically from the store, there might deals or coupons on the website. Check the website for printable coupons. If they don’t have those, you still might get a discount just for purchasing online. If there aren’t any web discounts, skip the online shopping or you’ll just end up spending more in shipping and handling.

If you know exactly what product you want, but don’t care if it’s purchased directly from that specific company, then go with a site like E-bay, Craig’s List, or Amazon. Even though you’re buying directly from a seller, many of them have fantastic reviews, and will send products that were never opened. You can get tote bags cheap, brand new, and in mint condition. Most of the time, products on these sites ended up being an unwanted gift, or a purchase that the seller regretted and can’t return.

Another great way to find cheap tote bags is well-established flea markets. This doesn’t mean you should drive around looking for any old, run-down, side-of-the-road hand me down shop. Search for the largest and most well-known flea markets in your area. If you live by a large city, you can probably find vendors with knock-offs who are secretly selling the real deal. Tote bags on Canal Street in New York are known for being good quality at an affordable price.

If you’re not the picky type, or you’re looking for something more vintage, check out some thrift shops in your area. Besides just the obvious Salvation Army and Good Will stores, there’s also plenty of Mom & Pop hand me down stores in various locations. With enough digging, you might just find tote bags cheap and one of a kind!

Outlet stores are good places to get the real deal for less as well. Instead of heading right to the Coach store at your local mall, wait it out and make a trip to a Coach outlet. Tote bags, hand bags, wristlets, and all different types of luggage are marked way down in the outlet stores, and you can usually find things that are still in season. Avoiding the mall at all costs is usually a safe decision. Department stores tend to mark up products because they have to buy them from the actual vendor. If you think you can find the same thing that’s in Macy’s online or in an outlet, hold out and do some research. Trust me, it’s worth it!

If you’re really looking to pinch pennies but need a functional tote bag just for a specific event, try asking around! One of your relatives or friends might have exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, perhaps you and your friends could hold a mock auction together, or just play closet-swap. Get together anything you haven’t worn/used in over a year (odds are you’re not going to need it if it sat around this long!) and have some friends do the same. Organize a day at one of your homes where you can exchange your unwanted items. That way, no one spends any money, but everyone gets to leave with a whole bunch of new items!

There’s plenty of ways to find tote bags cheap, you just have to be creative and avoid impulse buying (buying something because you see it in passing or you just feel like going shopping). Talk to those around you to find out where they find the cheapest deals, the craftiest flea markets, and the coolest vintage shops. With a little digging, you might even end up spending much less than you anticipated, and still getting a much better product as well!

Black Tote Bags

From purple backpacks to black tote bags:  Help me, I look like a bum!

You reluctantly roll out of bed and see a pair of sweatpants hanging over your desk chair. You put those on and do not even bother changing your shirt that you have slept in from the night before. You decide that slippers will suffice as shoes and you start your walk to class.

What?! Is that real life? Well…no, but that is college life. You have little care as to whether you even make it to your class; let alone what you look like once you are there. Nights are always late and mornings come too early. Responsibility is nowhere to be found. For four years. Then it is over.

Now you have a job that you absolutely cannot be late or absent for. You have clients to impress and bosses to please. You must look your best. You must at least look like a functioning human being. But your wardrobe has consisted of pajama-like attire for so long that you are not even sure if you have anything appropriate to wear and those student loans are making it pretty impossible to hit up the mall and totally replace your entire closet. So what is a young professional to do?

First of all, pull out any dresses that you have. Get rid of anything you may have worn to the club with the intentions of revealing your underwear. Keep the ones that are of an appropriate length. As long as they are not of a neon color, wild print, or sequined style, you can probably manage to work these dresses into your business casual attire. The top of your dress is most likely strapless, sleeveless, or low cut so get yourself a high buttoning cardigan and a blazer. Wear the blazer over the higher cut dresses and save the cardigan will full buttons for the ones that let out a bit too much cleavage.

The same idea with dresses can be used to cover up your shirts that are not quite appropriate for the workplace. You can also use camisoles to wear underneath of a low cut shirt to hide any exposed cleavage. For the rest of your shirts you can use layering to make a plain shirt seem dressier. For example, wear a vest over top of a plain long sleeved or plain short sleeved shirt. Or you can wear a button up shirt unbuttoned and over top of a looser shirt to pull it all together. Chances are that you have a few dressier tops so this may be the easiest section of your wardrobe to convert but just make sure that dressy does not mean flashy.

Hopefully by this point in your life you have been forced to acquire at least one pair of khaki pants and one pair of black pants whether they were for a waitressing job or a school honor’s assembly. Feel free to wear these pants a lot at your new job. Most people own multiple khaki, black, and grey colored work pants so no one will know that you are wearing the same pair. Just remember to give them a break long enough to wash them.

Skirts may be something you need to stay away from until you can buy a nice, work appropriate, black, blue, or brown pencil skirt. Until then, you can utilize longer skirts that you may own for family holidays or other events but avoid your bar skirts, and always avoid denim. Some shorter skirts could pass for work if you wear them with leggings but make sure that the skirt is loose and do not wear heels with that outfit as heels will make your legs look longer and therefore, make your skirt appear even shorter.

Even if you do not own many pairs of heels, you could luck out by the recent trends towards flats and boots. As long as they are not hooker looking boots, both flats and boots are great for the workplace. Heels are always appropriate with closed toed pumps being preferred. Once again, avoid anything flashy or extreme. If you do not already own a pair of black pumps, it would be wise to invest in a pair.

Other accessories that could be useful to buy to professionalize your current wardrobe are black tote bags, head bands, and belts. Head bands and belts make sure that your entire look is put together smoothly and securely. Black tote bags ensure that everything you carry to work is hidden away professionally. Besides, what can look more professional than business women walking into the office with black tote bags?


Personalized Tote Bags

Makeup, personalized tote bags, and other great birthday party activities!

Pin the tail on the donkey. Whisper down the lane. And who can forget piñatas? I am sure you have many fond memories of you and your friends’ many birthday parties from roller skating rinks to camping out in the backyard. Now it is time for you to make those memories for your own child and you want to make sure that they have a party that leaves their classmates talking. You want to make sure that all the little party guests are giggling, not snoring. Are party hats still cool? If you want to throw a fun and memorable party for your little one and are not sure where to start, check out some of these activities for ideas on an entertaining party.

If you have a daughter, there is nothing that a group of girly preteens would love more than to have makeovers. Now this party activity requires a lot of physical work on your part and you may need to call in some reinforcements. Trust us, finding a few willing teenagers or adults to do hair, makeup, and nails is a lot safer than letting the girls makeover themselves or each other. Get out the curling irons, lip gloss, and neon nail polish. The girls will have a bawl picking out fun colors and admiring their new look in the mirror.

Another great party activity is to have the kids make their own personalized tote bags. Personalized tote bags let the kids be creative and show off their individualism. Best of all, they get to take the personalized tote bag home with them and they can continue to use the personalized tote bag to carry things places like school. For the kids to make their own personalized tote bags, all you have to do is supply some plain canvas tote bags and then get fabric paint, sequins and glue, or anything else that you think the kids might want to use to decorate their personalized tote bag.

Another craft that kids may enjoy at a birthday party is to get string and beads to make friendship bracelets or key chains. You can even get beads with letters that the kids can spell out their names. You can get all sorts of colors of string so that the kids can choose any color combination they desire and add beads to it if they want or just use the string. There are many different ways to braid string for bracelets which some of the kids may know or you may want to learn so that you can teach the kids if they want to make a friendship bracelet or anklet at the party.

If crafts are not your thing, never underestimate the fun appeal of food. An entertaining and simple activity that you can do with a group of kids is to let them make their own soft pretzels. You can get a soft pretzel making kit or you can find a recipe for making your own dough. Then you can let the kids shape their soft pretzels into whatever shape they can think of. Pretzels do not have to look like a typical pretzel so let them be creative. They can add salt or cinnamon sugar when they’re done their pretzel design and then just pop them in the oven. They’ll be as fun to make as they are to eat.

Another food favorite for kids will always be ice cream sundaes. Just buy a tub of basic vanilla ice cream and then give the kids a variety of toppings to choose from. They will have a great time pouring drizzling chocolate sauce, squirting whipped cream and sprinkling peanuts on their own personal sundae. Send them outside to eat the ice cream sundaes to save your kitchen from stickiness and then prepare for the sugar high to follow.

Once they are all hyped up on sugar would be a great time to start any physical activities. Letting them run off their energy is a great idea, especially if you are going to be keeping the kids overnight. You can plan relay races to spark friendly competition among the party guests. Make sure to choose a variety of activities like balance and aim so as not to leave out the slower kids with purely running exercises. If it is summer, water games are always loved by children. Try playing hot potato with a water balloon. They’ll be delighted to have it pop all over them.

Canvas Tote Bag

Going to work in the morning used to be a real hassle for me. Besides having to wait at the train station for my train to arrive and squeeze into any open seat I could find for my 30 minute ride, I always had my hands full with everything I needed to bring to the office. My lunch bag, water bottle, purse, sweater, laptop, and books never failed to pose a problem for me. I would either drop them somewhere along my commute, leave them behind at the train station, or just absolutely crowd the seat with all of my things, leaving no room for another person to comfortably sit next to me. I knew I had to consolidate my “stuff”, and after months of trying different arrangements like carrying 4 different kinds of bags or just leaving some items at home, I finally went out and bought a big, customized canvas tote bag to carry all of my things.

It’s a pretty big bag, too. It measures in at around 18 inches high and 20 inches wide, but it fits all of my things perfectly. I love the big size of the bag because it’s almost like a “one size fits all” carrying tote, where I can throw all of my essentials into and not have to worry about them spilling out. The canvas material is also a big benefit too; its durability protects all of my most important items (like my lunch!). After carrying my canvas tote bag through train stations, storing it in luggage racks, and hauling it around the office, the material has yet to break, tear, rip, or fray.

Of course, it has gotten pretty dirty along the way, but I have found that this fabric is extremely easy to clean. To get all of the dirt removed, all I had to do was throw it in the washer and let the machine do all of the hard work. After about a 30 minute cycle, I pulled it out looking just as clean as the day I bought it.

I splurged a bit and chose to buy a customized bag embroidered with my initials in my favorite color and chose to buy the “sustainable” version made from recycled cotton. I am trying my best to “go green” and leave less of a carbon footprint, so this option was perfect for me. The custom embroidery was a little extra than the original cost of the bag, but I thought it would be worth it because in case I ever lose it or leave it behind somewhere I can easily describe and identify it.

My canvas tote had become so useful for my everyday commute that I decided to use it for some of my other activities too! This summer I spent a week vacationing at the beach and brought along my canvas tote bag. I loaded it up with all my beach essentials like sunscreen, a water bottle, sunglasses, flip flops, 2 towels, an iPod, the new book I bought specifically to read on the beach, and some molds for my traditional sand castle. I was pleasantly surprised when it held up after a full week of dragging it through the sand and sitting out in the hot sun. The canvas material again proved its worth!

After seeing how well my bag held up in the hot weather and rough beach conditions, my friends went out and bought their own canvas tote bags as well. Their clunky coolers and light cotton bags were just not practical, so they had been looking for something more suitable for their beach lifestyle. The canvas tote was a perfect solution!

Even though summer is coming to a close, I am not packing up my canvas tote bag just yet. I’ll still be using it year-round for my commute to work, and I already have a few fun weekend activities planned for me and my friends. Instead of packing big, bulky luggage, I think I’ll just throw all of my essentials into my tote, load up the car, and hit the road.

I couldn’t be happier with my selection for a new bag. After months of carrying all of my things individually on the train and through the city on my way to work, I am happy I could find a solution to my commuting troubles. I can say that after a few months of carrying around my canvas tote bag, my commute is much easier and I no longer worry about losing anything or leaving things behind. As a plus, I now have a versatile and customized bag that goes from work to the beach and everything in between.

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