Leather Tote Bags

Anyone who has ever been married, or been close to someone who has gotten married, knows how insanely stressful wedding planning can be. A beautiful time to make extravagant memories shouldn’t be ruined by all of the decisions that have to be made. That’s why the bride should spend a great deal of time looking into everything she will have to choose before making any rash decisions. Between the bridal dress, the bridesmaid’s attire, the flowers, the dinner arrangements, the music, and tons of other things, the bride’s head will be ready to explode by the time her big day comes! Since your wedding day should be about YOU, worrying about your guests and bridesmaids should be the last thing on your mind when the time comes. This is why you should choose bridesmaid’s gifts that you know will be perfect for the people who helped you out the most. After all, you couldn’t have gotten through all this without them! Here are a few gift ideas that will really show your appreciation for their hard work:

  1. Leather tote bags- Lot’s of brides choose to give some type of bag or purse to their bridesmaids, and leather is usually of the utmost quality. You could always opt for a canvas or cloth bag, but leather usually holds up the best and lasts the longest. Besides just large leather tote bags, you could get them wristlets or smaller purses, like ones that go over the shoulder. Think about the members of your bridal party and what would suit each of them best. Perhaps one of them enjoys outdoor activities, so you could get her a backpack version of the same thing; or one of them enjoys a good night out on the town, you would get her a clutch or smaller, stylish handbag. Practical gifts are the best because you know they’re not going to waste.
  2. Beach sets- Anything beachy is perfect for a summer wedding, because it fits right in with your theme. If you and your girls frequent the beach quite often, you know that there’s always someone scrounging for a towel or a water bottle at the last minute. The best beach kit would include a tote bag, towel, Chap Stick, water bottle, and maybe even a book. The book might not be easy because you would have to pick one out for each individual person, but you could also try getting them a book on relaxation tips or inspiring quotes. Beach material should be light and fun to read.
  3. Rain gear- This is another idea that you would have to really tailor to each individual person, because some might not like certain colors and patterns. If you’re going to get a full rain kit, get a pair of rain boots and an umbrella, or a rain coat and an umbrella. It’s cute because not many people to things like this. The best way to remain safe and make sure everyone likes it is to go with something very neutral, like black or tan, unless you know that each bridesmaid has a specific color they prefer. You could even ask what color they would choose to wear if they were given an option, and try to play off of that. However, it’s hard to tell if they are all going to like it enough to actually sport it around town. This is why you might want to stay away from something the girls will be wearing.
  4. Emergency Kit- No, not the type of first aid kit with bandages and peroxide! We mean the type of women’s emergency kit: things you always need and never think to buy. You can be extremely creative with this, but here are a few ideas: stain remover, anti-wrinkle spray, hairspray, broken nail glue, extra stockings, a comb/brush, zit-zapping cream, small pocket mirror, and a pocket-size mouth wash. Most women don’t even think to buy half of these things until they’re in a situation where it would really come in handy. Your friends could keep this in their homes or the glove box of their cars. Either way, I be they’ll be thanking you when the spill wine on their dresses!

The key to a great bridesmaid gift is not only something useful, but personal. If you get leather tote bags or beach tote bags, you could get them monogrammed with each girl’s initials. Even just changing up the colors or styles shows that you knew what that specific person would like. Your gifts don’t have to be outrageously expensive, just be creative, and think about what you would want after putting up with all of your pre-wedding drama (sorry girls, but it’s true!).

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