Tote Bag Pattern

When you’re getting ready for an event that you do not normally attend, you obviously want to look your best. There are several occasions where dressing to impress is a must, and while you want your clothing and accessories to make an impression, you don’t want it to be the wrong one! A person’s style can say a lot about them. When you walk into a room full of people you know will be judging you, wouldn’t you like to be wearing something that makes them think positive thought about you? Of course, you don’t want people to judge you because of your appearance, but it’s a known and scientifically proven fact that first impressions are highly important. The first judgment that is made about an individual involves his or her appearance. Shouldn’t you make yours count?

A simple way that many women can have a specific impression is with their accessories. From your earings to your tote bag pattern, each piece is making some kind of statement. Is it the statement you want it to make however? For instance, when it comes to politics, there are specific teams who are hired for this sole purpose. They choose what color ties are to be worn and exactly how much your shoes should be scuffed. Even the finest details, including a solid versus a striped tote bag pattern, are analyzed to the fullest.

It makes one wonder, does it really matter all that much? Well, yes and no. Hopefully the color of socks or the size of your necklace isn’t going to prevent you from getting a promotion or being praised for your work. We should all be recognized for our achievements and accomplishments regardless of appearance. However, who is to say that subconsciously, had you been wearing a red tie, the clients might have viewed you as more powerful right from the beginning of the meeting? It’s a tricky matter when deciding what to wear.

Put very bluntly, keep it simple. The more off-course you go with patterns, colors, accessories, etc., the more you are taking a risk. However, is this what you’re going for? If the impression you seek to give off is that you’re not afraid to take a chance, then go for one bold statement. If you’re wearing all black, throw on a brightly colored scarf or necklace. Don’t go too far though, or you’ll risk looking tacky. If you’re trying to throw in an animal-print tote bag pattern, it might be hard for people to take you seriously. Be cautious with risk taking.

If you would like your brains and personality, not your clothes and accessories, to do the talking, stay with solid patterns and don’t show too much skin. In the winter, it’s usually pretty safe to go with black, dark blue, and brown. The summer time gives you a few more options, because you can mix in lighter shades such as taupe, beige, cream, etc. Match your accessories to your outfit, and don’t go overboard. Small earings and a matching necklace are fine, but once you start layering on bracelets and bangles, you’ve gone too far. Also, keep your hair classic and neat. Don’t use funky hair accessories, including flowers, feathers, or jewels. If you have to use bobby pins or hair ties, try to match them to your hair color. And most importantly, never use glitter. Unless you’re going to a Hannah Montana concert, stick to natural looking makeup.

You might not believe it, but something as small as your purse can make a huge statement. A specific tote bag pattern or color can completely make or break an outfit. Sticking to solid black usually means you are more serious and down to business. Mixing it up with a bright color could suggest that you have a lighter, fun side. Stripes and polka dots are usually fine as well. Also, when choosing a tote bag, try to find one as small as possible for what you need it for. Unless you will be carrying around a laptop or papers and books, you probably don’t need a two foot wide bag draped over your shoulder. Stick to the bare essentials to avoid overdoing it.

You could easily spend all day researching what colors, patterns, and materials are going to have what effects on those around you. However, when it comes down to it, feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin as well as what you’re wearing is going to make the most positive impression overall.

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